Discover and load the artists of Brazil in your pocket.
Musicalist Brasil is an innovative project to be launched at APAP 2014
that is designed as a promotional platform to connect Brazilian musical artists and producers
with programmers and curators looking to include Brazilian Music in their presenting mix.  
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The initiative will focus its activities on important international trade events in the music and performing arts marketplace, which in 2014 will also include Porto Musical, SXSW, Jazz Ahead and WOMEX.  
Musicalist has two principal elements that serve both of these interconnected communities. The first component is a type of “virtual artist sampler” which offers information and music from Brazil’s new wave of independent and contemporary artists. This content will be presented in two formats: first stage in a mobile friendly web portal and secondly as a mobile app.
The second element, and the one that will be in play during APAP and surrounding activities this January is that the Musicalist platform also functions as an informational resource providing Brazilian artists and producers key information critical to their successful entry and business development in the international marketplace.      

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