Created by sax and flute master Leiteires Leite in 2006, award-winning Orkestra Rumpilezz is an elegant orchestra of 20 brass and percussion players led by Leite himself. Their splendid compositions are drawn from the universe of Bahia’s African roots under the influence of modern jazz. The group celebrates Afro-Bahian roots music and its universal branches. Rumpilezz blends ancestral Afro-Bahian percussion with modern harmonies, with compositions and arrangements conceived out of the beats and rhythmic designs of the Universo Percussivo Baiano, the Bahian Percussive Universe.

In June of 2014 the Orkestra completed their first European tour with five shows in three countries, including the prestigious Moers and Music Meeting Festivals.  Their North American Debut will take place next August with a tour that includes stops at Lincoln Center (NYC), San Francisco Jazz, San Jose Jazz Festival and Rhythm Foundation (Miami).

Criada em 2006 pelo instrumentista e maestro Letieres Leite, a premiada Orkestra Rumpilezz é uma formação elegante, composta por sopro e percussão. Suas esplêndidas composições são inspiradas do universo de raízes africanas da Bahia, sob a influência do jazz moderno. Celebra a música afrobaiana e seus ramos universais e atribui à ancestral percussão uma roupagem harmônica moderna, com composições e arranjos concebidos a partir das claves e desenhos rítmicos do chamado Universo Percussivo Baiano.

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